Creditor Services

Unpaid debts are the first sign that a business or an individual may be in financial difficulty.

Parker Getty can provide a full cost effective service to its clients throughout the cycle, from bad debts being incurred to the management of dividends being received.

Debt Recovery Solutions

Unpaid invoices can affect all business having a direct impact on your cash flow and profitability. At Parker Getty we assist our clients in managing their bad debt to ensure that the most cost efficient steps and stages are taken to maximise payment of their debts

Typically this will involve the following stages:

Company debt recovery  

  • Pre-action letters
  • Statutory demands
  • Attaining judgment
  • Enforcing judgement
  • Winding up petitions

Personal Debt Recovery

  • Pre-action letter
  • Bankruptcy petitions

Creditors Meetings

Events can escalate upon receiving notice that a creditors’ meeting has been convened.  Dependant on the case Parker Getty can attend these meetings on behalf of clients free of charge. A confidential report will be provided that details the matters raised at the meeting and the potential recovery prospects.

On the surface it may appear that there is no prospect of recoveries being made, however potential claims could be made against directors which if successful will result in creditors receiving a better outcome than otherwise would have been achieved.

Creditors Committees

On high worth or complex insolvencies a creditors’ committee tend to be formed which represents the general body of creditors. As experienced insolvency professionals we are best placed to represent your interests and those of creditors as a whole.

Dividend Management

Given the nature of corporate and personal insolvency the prospect of dividends being made can be a drawn out process. Parker Getty can assist its clients in managing this process and ensure that claims are submitted to avoid potential distributions being paid to creditors and you being excluded from them.


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