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Our team provides a unique service for its clients gained from our experience of managing businesses and operating within the restructuring industry. The depth of knowledge and expertise within the team allows us to provide tailored solutions.  We have a strong understanding of Company law, Insolvency Law and the practicalities of running a business. Through this combination a hands on and practical approach can be provided to our clients to Improve, Restructure and Rescue your business.


Business Clients

An informal review will be conducted to establish what options are available to you or your business.

It may be possible through negotiations with creditors to informally rescue the business and improve business operations thereby improve cash flow and profitability. An independent business review can be provided to aid in this process.

In situations where this is not possible a formal procedure can be pursued which range from Administration to a Company Voluntary Arrangement, implemented on its own or as part of an Administration.

Both solvent and insolvent companies can be placed in to liquidation. Should you wish for your company to cease because it cannot pay its debts as and when due and may not be able to be rescued or if you have a solvent company and would like distributions to be made to shareholders in a tax efficient manner we will put one of these options to you along with the pros and cons for your Company.


Individual Clients

A review of your financial affairs will be conducted in which a number of options will be considered and put forward with their consequences for you.

Firstly dependant on the level debt It may be possible to negotiate with your creditors and for an informal agreement to be reached. Should this not be possible an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (“IVA”) may be appropriate for you.

Outside of these procedures bankruptcy may be the only option. Should this be the case we can assist and advise you of the consequences of being declared bankrupt.


“Seeking professional advice sooner is essential to a
successful restructuring and/or rescuing your business”

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